Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 12 & 13

Day 12

Sleeping under the stars was pretty nice, woke up kinda cold at first but it was nice :)

We woke up to some yummy food and had a nice lazy start. We had to be ready at 9 am to meet with Barbra Freelander who spoke to us about many things including how the wind transmits illnesses and the healing property's of rose. When her lecture ended we met with some really cool guys from the local fish farm. This fish farm wasn't there to raise and release fish back into the wild, this fish farm was for the fish that we eat!

While we were there we got a few separate lectures about how things run there and we even got to ride a small boat out to the fish holding areas. The fish were kept in separate holding areas depending on size and age. The entire time I was staring at these floating ponds teeming with fish I was thinking that if I jumped in there it would be like a 5-Gum commercial :)

My group was the first to see the fish so then we sat on land and listened to the guys there tell us about all sorts of random and different things about what he does there and what his job looks like.

When everyone had finished we all headed back to camp to rest because we were gonna have a late night. Band Wagon, minus Eric, plus Christen, needed to do laundry though so we went to do that. EVEN DOING LAUNDRY WAS FUN. We joked around and I converted one of my friends to Whovisim (the fandom of Dr.Who). We arrived back for a quick bite of dinner and then we all headed out with R-something to go call to wolves.

The drive out to Gold Lake was a little longer than expected and there we discussed the procedure for wolf howling and what we needed to do when we arrived. We had to be absolutely quiet and not even close the car doors.

Once at the wolf howling spot the guide howled a few times had some other people howl (which was funny, someone was calling for Sasquatch instead of a wolf haha). Unfortunately no wolves howled back and because of the hour we had to go back.

Since my group showered first the night before we showered last and washed dinner dishes. THE SHOWERS THERE WERE MAGNIFICENT.

The next morning we woke up and everyone was a little subdued but happy. We all ate quickly and started washing tents, turning in stuff, and cleaning the area we had spent the last two days in. It was a little hectic at first but then when things fell into a pattern. It was sad though, knowing that it was the end of such an awesome trip.

Eventually we all packed into our cars and headed off to Dry Falls. I had been looking forward to this stop for a while because I'm really interested in the Bretz Floods (which created Dry Falls). I was also supposed to have visited years before but I became sick at that time and had been unable to attend so I was super excited for this stop. Some of my friends seemed less enthused but after I explained the cause of the floods and the effects they seemed more interested and we had a nice conversation about theories and such. We also went inside to watch a small movie on the floods and look at the museum/gift store. When we had finished our exploring some people started blogging but I was more interested in the outdoors. Finally we all packed into the cars for the last time and drove home :'(

It was quite a blast, the entire trip. People were looking forward to being home but it was clear that everyone was going to miss the time spent together exploring the world. I'd say that the 2 weeks spent on this trip were well worth it and I would gladly do it again! I would like to send out a great big thank-you to everyone that contributed to this trip, it has truly been a life-changing and memorable experience that will affect me through-out college and probably even further. At the start of this trip I knew what I wanted to be, an Earth Scientist, but I wasn't all the way sure it was for me and was half-heartedly considering other options. I didn't know if I was smart enough or strong enough or even durable enough to be cut out for science. But through this trip and it's experiences I know that I will enjoy my future career, that it's the right fit for me, and that I can do it. Also as more reassurance I know that even if  my specific field of science loses it's draw for me that there is plenty more out there science wise and that I can move around to find that perfect fit if it's necessary.
I've also gained a lot of food for thought and I'm now more aware of just how much we affect the earth with every little thing we do. I kind of had that on back-burner before the trip but now where ever I go I'm thinking about how this affects that. I think of possible solutions but then stop to think about what has to power those solutions and what affects that has. My mind has really been opened by this trip but that excites and empowers me. I was also a little worried that there wasn't anything left to be discovered in the science world, but I know without a doubt that there is soooo much more that we can learn. With this trip done I'm sad at it's end but now I'm biting at the bit to get going on contributing my part to make this world a better place. Thank-you to everyone who helped this project start and finish and for all the help and guidance that you've all given me.

"We do not inherit the world from our parents, we borrow it from our children."

Arianna Wildflower from Band Wagon signing out. Thank-you.

Day 11

Day 11

Day 11 we all woke up with a nice relaxed tone and started getting together bath supplies. Some people from the Spokane tribe showed up and took us all to the local high school to shower and blog. When some people finished blogging they played some basketball and then part of us went back to camp to pack up. Packing up took a while but it was a nice bit of work, where you feel proud afterword. Then when we had all finished everything up there we all climbed back into the car and headed to Nespelem on the Coville Reservation. Once we were there we all quickly set up on the lawn of the really nice community center. Well kind of set up :) BandWagon decided to sleep under the stars and hang out.

After we had set up somewhat we all drove down to a local pizza place to eat. It took a while for the food but we had a great time waiting. We played different games and had some really cool conversations. The food was delicious though, some good pizza after so long on the road really hit the spot!

With some pizza in tow we all headed to the Grand Coulee Dam to watch the light show. On the way there we made sure to make a whole bunch of really cheesy dam jokes :) We got there pretty early and so some of us sat around and played some random fun games.

The light show was not what I expected. I expected to see some pretty swirling lights flying around and some music but instead we got to learn :) The light show taught us the history of the dam, the effect of having the dam there, and lots of other fun stories. At the end there was some nice light work that I enjoyed. Soon after the show ended we headed back to the community center for the night.

My friends and I all went in to the center to brush our teeth and shower. There was also a hallway that I convinced my friends to go down. When they reached the end I flicked the light switch, dropped to all fours, brought my long hair over my face, and made grudge noises. IT WAS HILARIOUS. Then when we had all finished with the center we went outside and crashed out.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 10

Day 10

Day 10 was pretty cool. We started the day out with a few lectures in this old abandoned outdoor gym thing. When we finished there we headed out to go to a few different sites.
The first site we learned about placing Track Mats. The purpose of TM are to help with observing what small predators are in the area. How TM work is very simple. The critter walks into the tunnel, which has bait on the other side, goes over track paper and then leaves footprints on the contact paper. The contact paper is taken out and examined to study which critters when in.

Then we went to another creek and had lunch, provided and cooked by the Spokane Indians. Their we learned about shocking fish and how it's done. One kid caught a huge Rainbow Trout!

From there we drove back to camp for a bit, hit the store, and changed into swimsuits. At 5 we got to go swimming in Lake Roosevelt! The water was perfect, not to cold and just a little bit warm. We splashed about for quite some time and then had another feast prepared for us by the Spokane Indians. When we had finished eating we all gathered around and listened to some truly helpful and meaningful stories. The Spokane Indians offered us assistance and guidance in our everyday lives and told us if any of us ever need help they would be glad to provide it.

After stories we went back to camp and had brownie cake to celebrate Destiny's b-day. Then we got to play around till 11.

Day 9 6/23/13

Day 9 6/23/13

Day 9 was a pretty chaotic day as well :)

We started the day by painting with paints that we made, both oil and milk based. We made pigments out of many different things, such as berries, flowers, and leaves.

Wenix also gave us another presentation on First Foods, she actually set up a table as it would look at a feast. We got to taste some salmon, roots, and berries. As she gave her presentation we learned about different medicines and plant uses.

When we left Wenix's house we drove for several hours to Airway Heights (WHERE I LIVED FOR 7 YEARS! :) ) There we got free Arbie's paid for by the Spokane Indians! When we collected all the food we got back in the cars and drove for a while more. We eventually got to our camp grounds and set up.

Then we slept :)

Day 8

Day 8 6/23/13

Day 8 was an adventure to say the least! We packed up and out of the Pow-Wow grounds and drove Umatilla Indian Department of Natural Resources. There we met Wenix Red Elk who gave us a presentation on First Foods. The presentation covered the different foods that are put on the table and the order of their placement. The order is as follows: water, salmon, deer, roots, berries. We also learned a little bit about why the foods go on in that order. Wenix's job involves protecting the women's food from the table, rather than just the salmon and deer. After the presentation we headed out to go to a restoration project in process at Meachu. BUUUUUUTTTTTT! The road there had just been graveled and decided to have some fun with our tires! :D
Band Wagon pulls over to check their tire, and see's Flaming Eagles popped tire, then see's their own. Then after the restoration project tour we start driving back when War Pony lost 2 wheels! When Flaming Eagle got to the Les Schwab they noticed another tire of theirs went out. THAT MAKES 5 TIRES IN ONE DAY.
Unfourtuntly because of all the issues with tires it was too late to get to our original camp ground. But we had an awesome guide, Wenix. She took us to her house and had us camp in her yard. It was a great experience. Her family made dinner, including Fry Bread! We also learned how to play Stick Games :) That was a lot of fun. Wenix's mother also is into many crafts, such as glasswork. Her mom had many beautiful pieces of glass-work in a room, including irridescent salmon and wonderfully contrasted buffalo.
Band Wagon Out! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 7 Elmer Crow

Elmer deserves a post all on his own.

Mr.Crow is a tribal elder who came by after lunch to speak with us. The different things he told us about and taught us were wonderful. He taught us some manners, he told us stories, he educated us about the importance of eel, showed us and told us how he makes different weapons, and he did all that in a fun, down to earth way. I know that I will be a least a little bit different from meeting Mr.Crow and his wife. I thank Jessica and everyone that was able to arrange his coming to speak to us. He was utterly amazing and I am proud of the gift of knowledge that he gave us. Thank you Elmer Crow

Day 7 6/22/13

Day 7 6/22/13

Today we woke up and went to meet Jim H. from the fisheries. He took us out to...
* his office, where he displayed posters about the salmon
* The Lostine River Hatchery where we saw salmon get tagged, released, and sent out to other hatcheries. We also learned about the construction of the facility and the river's of the area in detail. While we were there we learned about the many jobs that go into that simple seeming job and building.
* Lake Wallowa to swim and investigate the geographical changes wrought by glacers 17,000 years before.

After out time with Jim we came back to the Powwow grounds to eat lunch as well as explore. I watched some pretty amazing dancers and singers. I was amazed at all their bead work because I know just how long beading takes. I also danced last night during some open dances, it was pretty fun :)

We got called back at 6:30 for dinner and then we stayed to blog and socialize.